We offer access to a caravan park right in the middle of Öland's natural beauty, next door to the Neptune's Fields nature reserve. Use of the park should take account of the sensitive and delicate nature of the surroundings. Remember to keep a safe distance between vehicles.

Respect marked areas where parking is allowed. Household waste and barbecue coal (re risk) should be placed in the appropriate containers near the entrance. Glass, plastic, metal and cardboard can be recycled at the harbour. For other services, such as toilet emptying, water and showers, please contact the harbour ofce.

Payment on arrival: 100 SEK or 11 EUR per day. Please place your payment in an envelope and use the letterbox. Note your vehicle registration number on the envelope. Alternatively you can pay by Swish: 123 379 41 61. We welcome your feedback, as we plan to develop the site to best meet the needs of caravan and camper van owners. Feel free to drop us a line via the website ( or call us on +46 705 769907/900804.

All of Öland is subject to restrictions and many beaches are protected by law. This site has the required permissions from e.g. the municipality and highways authority.


Latitud: 57.349565 Longitud: 17.03643